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Bei unserer Programmauswahl orientieren wir uns an den nationalen und internationalen Line-Dance-Charts. Besonders an den Dance-Charts UK.Selbstverständlich werden auch "Dance-Klassiker" vermittelt.Alle Tänze des laufenden Programms werden ständig wiederholt. Die "New Dances werden verständlich, ohne Zeitdruck vermittelt.Das Umsetzen der Szene Tänze zu verschiedenen Musiktiteln wird erlernt und auf Veranstaltungen d. freies Tanzen geübt. "Fit for Dancing"

Programm der Angels 2013:

(Spass an immer neuen "Latest Dances" ?  Wir suchen Dich für Special-Programm Training ..... Melde Dich bei den Angels u. Kontakt)

Programm der Angels in Line bis Mai/Juni 2013

Unser WdH/Einsteigerprogramm Do 17.30 bis ca. 19.00:

Crazy Foot Mambo, Move In The Right Direction, Danza Kuduro, Spanish Lady,Loslappie, Doctor Doctor, Reet Petite, Ghost Train, Puttin´on the Ritz,Black Coffee; Z Dance, CCS, Rose-A-Lee, Boot Scootin Boogie Es werden Beginner und Easy Intermediate Dances vermittelt.


Neu: Brasil ole ole (Bos Verdonk) Sunshine (G. Schneider),Got my Baby back/Gallagher WDh., Blurred Line,Voodoo Jive, Celtic Teardrops (Maggie), Sunshine G. Schneider,Tango de Pasion, Bruises, Mexi-Fest, Pavement-Ends, T. Jealousy (Gudrun Schneider), 2 Galway Girls ( Maggie3/2013), i. V. Firestorm, Faking It, Liquid Lunch, from the past: Open Heart Cowboy (Di) 

  Wagon Wheel Rock, Disconnected, Mexicoma, Reborn, Can`t shake you, Little Too High, Amor de Rumba, LDF, Reflection, Ride a Tractor, The Belle Of Liverpool, Zumba, sing sing sing, Feel like a man, AB Rocker Maggie Gallagher: The Storm 1/13, Dance of Love, Celtic Reel, Shamrock Soup, Rock Paper Scissiors, Where I Belong, Irish Spirit Backtrack, Celtic Kittens, Reflection, Disconnected


Skiffle Time, Amame, Shakatak, Not Fair, Hey Boy, Just For Grins 2012, AF en AF, Half Past Nothin, Country Friends Party Dance, Long Long Way, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Disappearing Tail Lights, Island Song. Oh Suzannah, Von Allein, Bang Bang, Boys will be Boys, Danza Kuduro, Island In The Stream, Galway Girl, Brazil, Have you ever seen the rain, Quarter After One; People are crazy, Bang Bang, Telepathy, A Devil in Disguise, All Day long

und 154 Szene und UP Tänze im Wechsel WDH + Special Beginner Programm z.B.:

chattahoochee, Rio. @ the hop, Speak to the Sky, Coastin, Move a litle in the right direction, Reet Petite, Black Coffee, Chica Boom Boom, Von Allein, Tush Push, Picnic Polka, Hearts & Flowers Mama Maria,cowboy-Stzrut, Ghost Train, Cabo San Lucas, Good Time,Dizzy, Tenessee Waltz Surprise, Red Hot Salsa, Where I belong, Boot scootin Boogie, Copperhead Road, Easy cime, easy go, Irish Stew,Blue Night Cha, Shakin Mix, I ride a Horse, Water Logged, My pretty Berlinda,Wishful Thinking, Something in the Water, Inspiration, Heart of an Angel, Banditos last Ride, Quando, Slappin´Leather, Make this Day, Beers Agogo, Red Solo Cup, Lightning Polka, Clickety Clack, toes, Jailhouse, People are Crazy, Baie Baie, Mi Condena, Galway Girl, Mucara Walk, The Wanderer, Leaving of Liverpool, Ready to Roll, My New Life, Lost in the Shuffle, No Superman, Have you ever seen the rain, Hi-a-ma cha Samba on the Beach, Rose Garden, Islands in the stream, Bossa Nova Before The Devil, Beer for my Horses, Kill the Spider, Little Talks, Bonita, California Blue, The Trail  Sweet Heidi, Cheap Talk, Island Song,Cruisin, Country Friends Party Dance, Knee Deep, Coastin Brazil, Pick a Bale,,White Rose, I saw Linda Yesterday, Af en Af, Skiffle Time, Not Fair, Little too High, Oh Suzannah, Just for Grins, Do Wop Be Doo Be doo, pizziricco, under the sun, Not Fair, ..... unvollständig

Im Übungsprogramm 2012 August/September

BeginnerEasy Int: Wishful thinking, Island Song, Sweet Heidi, Beers A-go, Beer for my horses, my new life, rosegarden, something in the water, Rio, Tush Push, Chattahoochee, @thehop, Irish stew, Mama Maria, Jailhouse, Puttin on the Ritz,Tennessee Waltz, Pretty Belinda, Move a little in the Right Direction, Banditos last ride, shakin mix, Marry you, Mucara Walk, Homeward Bound, The Trail. Cabo San Lucas, Toes, Bosanova, Ready to Roll, Kill the Spider Dance like you´re the only one, The Trail, Inspiration, Baie Baie  Wdh: Little Talk D. Matthäus  Liste unvollständig 

 Intermediate: New: Rock  Paper Scissors, Aiko, Aiko, Cheap talk (Gaye Teather), Bang Bang, Eres Tu. from the past: Some Beach....   


 Mi Condena, Have You ever seen the rain, Whiskeys gone,  Make this day. The Wanderer, , no Superman, Ready to Roll, Baie, Baie:  Rock your Body, Footloose, WDH Maybe I Could, Colour me in, Samba on rhe Beach, 1929,  Loslappie, Hi-A-Ma-Cha, Galway girl, This Ole Boy, people are crazy wdh, The Flute,clickety clack, Danza Kuduro, Rhyme or Reason wdh, Doctor Doctor wdh.,Island in the stream, Half Past Nothin,  110 Szenetänze in WDH-Programm Liste unvollständig.

Tänze 2011/2010

What`s up  Intermediate: (New dances )

La Luna, Danza Kuduro,Make this day, Alabama Slammin, The Flute, Rock-a-Billy-Rebel, No Good, Come to me,Calypso Mexico, Af en AF, The Stomp, Move a like, wrapped inside your love, She comes to me, Chicken Pluckin WDh Heart of an Angel, Louisiana Swing, Sweet like Cola, Under the Sun,Homeward Bound, 1-2-3-4, Rolling in the Deep, Rhyme or Reason, Telepathy......(unvollständig)

Wiederholung und Festigung des Easy Int/Beg. Szene Programms z.zt. 102 Tänze " Fit for Dancing";  freies Tanzen zu einer Band, Erlernen Umsetzen der Tänze z. verschiedenen Rhytmen. 

Stand Oktober 2011

Feel Right So Skinny, Dirt Road Dancing, Thinking it over, Cooler than me,

Abbronzatissima, San Antonio Baby, AWS, Burlesque Rolling in the Deep, Oklahoma Boogie Jig About Disappearing Bubbles....

Make you sweat, Knee Deep, Loslappie, Calypso Mexico,  big jimmy,Homeward Bound

Messed up in Memphis, Boyfriend, Blue Night, Tipperrary Girls, I run to you, American Honey, Drip Droppin, Unpredictable, love in 1 shot..........

Rhyme or Reason, Quarter after one, Hallelujah, Crazy Devil, People are crazy, The Piper., Bobbi with an I, Latin Crazy, Yolanda, Wakira, Fiesta, Mi Rowsu, Double Shot of Love....

Why don`t we just dance, Love ya, CU Again,NY Cha, Tango Tonight, San Francisco,

Hands up, Cowboy Casanova, Ay Amor, B.C.O., Senorita, Feel Right, Heavy Cross,

Broken Heels.....    

WDH: Playing with fire, Mexicali, Speak with your heart, Under the sun, What do you see, Bad Influence, Louisiana Swing, Amame, Jig it up, Moonlight Kiss, Go Mama Go, Human Dancer, This is the life.......

Easy Int/Beginner New dances:  Topsy Turvy, Cumbia Semana, Please don`t leave me, Chica Boom Boom, Tenessee Waltz Surprise, ten out of ten, saltellite, where I belong., we no speak americano, Hollywood, Perfect day

Aufstellung unvollständig.... (update 12/2010)

Wir wiederholen zur Festigung ständig Teile des Beginner und Easy Intermediate Basic/Szene Programms.

Tänze 2009    in verschiedenen Level und Gruppen vermittelt:

 roomba, go mama go, Jesse James, J Ho, Coochie Bang Bang, Just fine, Amame, La Secret, Life without u, Senseless Cha, Boyfriend of the Year, Mojo Rhythm,We believe

Poker Face, Love me Tomorrow, Make my day, Right or Wrong,

Galway girls, Guantanamera, Moonlightkiss, Go with the flow, Chicken Fried Stomp, Tumbling Rush, Human Dancer, Get your feet down, Sea Salt Sally,All day long, Some Beach, Get Trashed, My Veronica, Go hard or go home, Rebel Amor, Eagels Rock, 1-2-3 Summertime, Bad Influence

It Hurts, Cabo San Lucas, Loreley, The Grass between my toes, Paris 98,Oh Suzannah, The Trail,Doctor Doctor, Shanias Moment, Hearts & Flowers, Sugar & Pai, Closer,All Friends together,Home to Lousiana, The World, California Blue, Stitch it up, My new life, Singing this song. Low Key, Kid Rock Alabama, Ride the River, Jài du boogie, Sweet Sweet Smile, Achy Breaky Heart, Dance like you´re the only one, Crazy Foot Mambo, Summer Fly, Leaving of Liverpool ,Going back West, Friends for ten,  Dizzy,Atomik Polka, Pack my bags, Miller Magic, toes, Rose Garden, Never ever, Kill the Spider, Not fair, Tómorrow never knows, toes, Time to swing

Cowboy Strut,Cowboy Charlston, Cowboy boogie, Stepping out for harry, Flobie Slide, Chattahoochee, Everybody is linedancing, Puttin on the Ritz, Ghost Train, Canadian Stomp, Country Walking, Happy Radio, Tush Push, Counry line Cha, Reet Petite, Cotton eyed Joe, Circle 20, Down on the Corner, Just a Memory, Country 2-step, 16-step, Shakin Mix, Fishers Hornpipe, Good Time, Jailhouse, Ridin, Jacobs Ladder, Black Coffee, Wishful thinking......

Liste unvollständig Stand 02.08.09

Das erlernte Programm für das 2. Halbjahr 2008

Oh Susanna, Good time, Never loved before, The trail, Singing this song, love is in the air, Jái du boogie, My Veronica, Galway girls, Kid Rock Alabama, 1-2-3 Summertime, Doctor´s Orders, Amame, Shanias Moment, Duck Soup, Sweet Sweet Smile, All Friends together,CuCu, Catch the Rain, Mr Rock´n Roll, und viele andere.

Wiederholung des 1. Halbjahresprogramms.

 Programm 1. Halbjahr 2008:


Jive Aces, Call on me, Ain't got no deal, Sea Salt Sally, Hey big spender, Amor de Hielo, Electric Dreams, Finger lickin', The Beaty and the Beat, A cowboy and a dancer, Not like that, A gigolo, Nimby, Firecracker, Some beach, All day long, Celebration, Heartbreaker, Ride the river, Rebel amor, Get your feet down, Clickety clack, Blush, My heart skips a beat, Love is a game, Irish spirit, Low Key......and more

Easy Intermediate / Beginner

One more midnight, Dizzy, Walking backwards, Badda boom badda bang, Butter beans, Leaving of Liverpool, Summer Fly, Hickory Lake, Just a memory, Suzannah, Fisher's hornpipe, She's so naughty, Friends for ten, The Achy Breaky, King of the road, California blue, Stitch it up, Come on and dance, Rockin', Beer for my horses, Jailhouse creole, Ridin', Shakin' Mix, Simpy Mambo, Rose a Lee, Tush Push, Quando, Irish Stew, Rio, Down on the corner, Dance like you're the only one, Mini Mambo, Lousiana saturday night, Blusher, The lemon tree, Thinkin'over, My new life, Crazy foot mambo, Cruisin', Ligtning Polka,Zjozzys Funk, Wave on wave, Before the devil, Bosa Nova, Spak to the sky, Country 2-Step, Sticks and stones

Aktuelles Programm 2. Halbjahr 2007 (Neue Tänze):

Intermediate                                Easy Intermediate      
Dog & boneBig loveSimply Elvis
Not like thatZjozzys FunkThrough the grapewine
Cowboy mixSea salt SallyShakin' mix
CharangaJive AcesKick around
CelebrationJingle bell rockCalifornia blue Wdh.
A cowboy and a dancerCountry as a boy can beCome on and dance
FirecrackerAmerican pieFeeling kinda lonely
Hey big spenderKick & Swing
Bridge over troubled waterLookin@ you
Pretty in pink
Guardian Angel

Das Programm des 1. Halbjahrs wurde teilweise wiederholt.

Aktuelles Tanzprogram 1. Halbjahr 2007

  Intermediate                              Easy Intermediate  Beginner                    
My Greek No 1You're my JamaicaSan Antonio Stroll
CountryroadsAshes of love/DO(Abbensen)/DoAtomik polka/Do
Bella BellaGood night 2B lonelyRio/Do
Holding back the ocean (Abbensen)Say Hey/Do/DiYee Haw
First love (Di)/SoEverybody's someone (FR)Baby blues (Abbensen)/Do
Alone together (FR)/SoDivisadero Cha/DI
Crazy Cha (für die Crazy Wolves)Fastest Dance in the World/Do
Sky High /So.Toot TootFoolish Heart/Do
Self Control/So.A Knockdown/DoFighting Those Blue Jeans/Do
Grace Kelly/So
Head over Heals/FROne More Midnight/Do
Rock This Party/So/DoLollipop/DoTwiddlypots/Do
Big Chill/SoCeltic Reel/Do
Show me yours/So/DoThe World (Past)
Black is Black/So/DoWave on Wave (Past)
Nimby/SoStitch it up (Past)Di/Do
A Gigolo/So/DoAll day long (Past)/DI Do

Absolut Beginner Programm mit bekannten Szenetänzen 18.30 - 20.30 parallel mit Int.

Chattahoochee, Stepping out for Harry, Coastin', Charlston, Tush Push, Fishers's hornpipe, Reet petite, Country 2Step, Wishfull thinkin',Closer, Dizzy, Peace Train, Copperhead Road,Speak to the Sky,Pizziricco, Down On The Corner, Quando

Aktuelles Tanzprogramm 2. Halbjahr 2006

          Intermediate                  Easy Intermediate             Beginner          
Pumpin' for love (Fr.)Before the devilWalking backwards
Keep on dancingCrazyLeaving of Liverpool
Bad Boy Tango (Fr.)Soluna (Di)Ballymore Boys (Di)
Sweet Addiction (Do+ Fr)Macca MamboJust Wright (Di)
HeartbreakerBomshel StompWhole again (Di)
Abba Mia (Fr.)Cute! Cute! Cute!Until the end (Di)
East to WestRubitinI can't be bothered
Don't feel like dancing (Fr+Do)Montego BayBad moon on the rise (Di)
CandymanDoctor Doctor (Di)Rockabilly Riot
Bread on the table African vibeHillbilly
Feel the magic(Fr.)Some beach (Di)
A door a bellI can't be bothered (Di)

Aktuelles Tanzprogramm 1. Halbjahr  2006

Easy Intermediate                         Intermediate                  
ShoogaPush The Button
Love is in the air (Wdh)Brokenheartsville (Wdh)
SurrenderBe strong (Wdh.)
Spirit (Tuesday)Sundown Waltz (Tuesday)
Bosa NovaBossa Nova Nights
Devil in Disguise (Tuesday)Somebody like you (T.)
All shook up /Paris 98 (Wdh.)I can't be bothered (Wdh)
ELT (Every little thing)Agua Dulce
Back in lineCountry Twang Thang (AB)
Jailhouse Creole (AB)Kill the Spider (AB)
Tender Hearts Roman Holiday (AB)
O Ma Ma (Contra Linedance)4 Wheels turning (AB)
Take a breatherI said I love you (AB)
Elliots Dream (Tu)Some beach (Tuesday)
Maybe I Could (Tu)Walk back to me
Love me a little bit longer(Tu)Heartbeaker Fr.+ Th.
Sinful (Fr.)Celtic Kittens (Fr)
Chayenne RockKeep on dancing (Fr)
Beautiful SundayTorero
J'ai du Boogie (Tu)It's up to you
HydromaticAbba Mia
Island in the stream (Tu)Sweet Addiction (Fr)
New dreams (Wdh. Tu)Pot of gold (TU)
Chill FactorPumpin' for love (Fr)
Shake baby shakeLookin' 4 Trouble (Tu)
Love generationSamba de Brasil
Walking backwardsMacca Mambo

Neue Beginner-Tänze 2006.  

Fisher`s hornpipe, Chattahoochee, Cowgirls Twist, Matador, 16-step, Pizziricco, Walzer, Country 2-step, Down on the corner, Wishful thinkin', Jitterbuggin, Street walkin', Evry cooton pickin' morning, @the Hop, Quando, Never ever

  •  Tanzprogramm 3./4 Quartal 2005
Easy IntermediateIntermediate                      
(Every) Cotton pickin' morning (Wdh.)Kind of magic
My number one (Wdh.)All night long (Wdh.)
Miller Magic (Wdh.)A lusty appetite
Irish Stew (Wdh.)All day long (Friday)
The writing on four walls (Wdh.)Black Horse (Friday)
The LassoNew Dreams
Lightning PolkaI can't be bothered
California BlueCome and get it (Friday)
Buxton bounceThe world
All shook upI can't be bothered (Wdh.)
Islands in the streamBe strong
Burning loveJukebox (Friday)
JukeboxParis 98 (Friday)
Camisa Negra (friday)Love is in the Air
Mony Mony (tuesday)Brokenheartsville (Tuesday)
Dancing Violins

Beginner Programm seit Sept. 2005                                       
Cowboy Strut, Ghost Train, Cowboy Boogie, Lasso, God Blessed Texas, Coastin, Just a memory, Canadian Stomp, Stepping out for Harry, Reet Petite;Tush Push, County line Cha cha, Easy come easy goDie "Beginner" nehmen auch
am easy Intermediate Programm teil.
  • Aktuelles Tanzprogramm 1./2.  Quartal 2005 (neue Tänze)

Beginer/Easy IntermediateIntemediate/Advanced
Speak to the skyWdh. Party 4-2
Evil girlWdh. Caught in the act
Fishin' in the darkAs the crow flies
Coastin'Baptized in beer
One step forwardBad moon on the rise
Mars AttackAll night long
Prairie StrutSave the horse
Everybody's linedancingNorth o' the border
PizziriccoStop the world and let me off
Just wrightDangerous curves
Picnic PolkaTrucking
Miller MagicShow me the way to Amarillo
My Maria The long & short of it
Irish StewMy number one
Copperhead roadSoluna
The writing on four walls
(Every) Cotton pickin' morning
Bobby Sox
Blame the vain

Special Friday 19.00-22:00 -Blast from the past group-

Wave on wave                   Just a kiss                           
You're so naughtyClickety clack
Rose gardenShakatak
The long & short of it
  • Unser Tanzprogramm 1. Quartal 2004
Beginner/ Anfänger- LevelIntermediate/ Fortgeschrittene
Cowboy StrutRomantasy
Cotton Eyed Joe- MixerWhisky in the jar
Canadian StompCloser
Steppin' out for HarryWave on wave
Cowgirls TwistCarnival
Country Walkin'Cheek to Cheek
Puttin' on the ritzElliot's dream
Cowboy BoogieRidin'
Ghost trainPot of Gold
Reet PetiteNeed 2 Cha Cha
Country Stomp5 o'clock somewhere

Neue Tänze 2. Quartal 2004

Beginner/Anfänger-Level Intermediate / Fortgeschrittene
MatadorDo Wop be doo be doo
ChattahoocheeLive. laugh, love
Jump in the lineBuy me a drink
Sixteen-StepBobbie Sue
EverydayWig Wam Bam
Seminole WindPoruska Poranya
Just a memorySurrender
Daeny Cha ChaMariana Mambo
Whoops a daisyFirst love
All aboardUp Country

Neue Tänze 3./4. Quartal 2004

Beginner/Easy IntermediateIntermediate / Advanced
God blessed TexasMaybe I could
Easy come, easy goFields of gold
Start the carMexican girl
Sweet sweet smileDoctor, Doctor
Down on the cornerUntil the end
Hey good lookin'Just for you
Something easySide by side
Fisher's hornpipeCadillac Baby
Whishful thinkingSun up
King of the roadTimezone
Watermelon CrawlWanna be me
Hearts & FlowersCaught in the act
Rockin'Party 4-2
Just for grins

See you on  the dancefloor,

Oliver und Marion