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Wir suchen Dich mit Tanzerfahrung z.B. Jazzdance, Aerobic, Standard oder Linedance mit Spaß an  abwechslungsreichem Programm für unsere Angels... angels-in-line@t-online.de

Wir tanzen gern aktuelle Tänze zu Country, Irish, Pop aus den  UK-Charts und sind gespannt auf neue Musik und Herausforderungen. Klassiker und Wunschtänze werden wiederholt und in das Programm aufgenommen. Langeweile ausgeschlossen... See you on the Dancefloor?

What`s up?

Beginner-Level:hapy happy happy, bandido´s last ride,snap´n time,Come to Dance, A Little Love Trip, Keep me Cool Three Crosses,Hot Tamales JR,Run Back to me (easy) + Ex and Oh´s /Novice, Dream on ,We Went, Friends, Bring On  The Good Times, Nickajack,  Celtic Na La,Blackpool by The Sea,Contra-Fun, American Kids, Get down the Fiddle, Sweet Sweet Smile,Well Do Ya?,Let`s have a Party,, Rain, Amazing Grace I See, Baby Belle Mountains To The Sea,Big Blue Tree, C´mon C´mon,Thinking Country, Country & High Heels Country Style,Sunshine,Beer for my horses, American Kids,Rockin the Wagon Wheel, Hillbilly Girl,ticket to the blues, Good Time, The Bomp, Slapping leather,The Gathering, Chattahoochee, Hearts & Flowers, Calm after the Storm, Chica Boom Boom,  Bosanova, Black Coffee, Whishful Thinking, Lennerocker Stroll, Come Dance with me Fall in Love, Crazy foot Mambo, Doctor Doctor, Af en Af, Cabo San Lucas Going Back West, Spanish Lady,Mama Loo,Good time Girls,, 'Rhyme or Reason, No Trouble, White Rose, Tenessee Waltz, Ticket to the Blues,,Dizzy, Just a Mmory, Under the Sun, CCS, Mexifest, Country Style,don´t look good naked, Tell the World, Galway Gathering, Kill The Spiders, It´s High Time, Land of Dreams, Locklin´s Bar, Patsy Fagan, Jamboree Auszug unvollständig)

Intermediate-Level: Bush Party,Gypsy Queen, Scheisstanz/Dirk Leibing Fireflies/RAW, 2 Lane Highway, Jolene,  Restless Heart, Come on Down,Reality,Human after all, CT Shuffle,so ust Dance Dance Dance, holly´s church,´j adore, down the river

Better when I´m Dancin , Smokey Bars B. Mogggia, Sinatra & Chardonnay Alison + Peter, Twist & Turns, Second Hand Heart, Lay Low, Reality/Will Bos, Love is Like, Knee Deep

New Shade O Blue, Rock & Roll King, South Australia, We only live once, Maverick,Coffee time Samba,Uptown Funk,Go Go Go Go, Alvaro/Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie, Aw Naw, It`s All Going To Pot/ Dirk Leibing,Greater than  me/Maggie Gallagher,Tell the World/Hickie, Peligrosa,,Book of life /Ryan King, Tag on, The bomp,Alvaro, summer  of 69,  honegrown, It´s High Time/Hickie 7/15, Tag on, skip the line/Sala, Margaritaville/Burgess, Modern Romance,Bounty,,We only live once,Darling hold my Hand, Sinner, Turn it on Cowboy, Heavenly Cha, summertime love, Dime Stoe Cowgirl, love is like, The Real Deal, BlackMagic....

From the Past:

Mexi-Fest, Af en Af,, Hey Brtother, Hey-O,Booze Cruise, Talk is Cheap, I Said I Love You, Corn don´t grow, Say Geronimo, Wonder Train,Don´t Dance Alone,Amame,Danza Kuduro, Budapest,Fly High,,No Trouble,Casa Musica, Raggle Tasggle Gypsy O, Walk Alone, Las Vegas Gold, Bonfire Heart, Love Runs Out, The Flute, Side By Side , Amame, Wagon Wheel Rocik,Why don´t we just dance,Alcazar,Danza Kuduro,Celtic Heartbeat,Angel in Blue Jeans, Voodoo Jive, That`s up, Prayer in C,.. The Gambler,Devil in Disguise, Before the Devil, The Boat of Laiverpool, Island in the stream, Silver lining, The Belle of Liverpool,Lousiana Swing, Wagon Wheel Rock,Sweet Sweet Smile  (kleiner Auszug ... Beginner und Wdh.-Programm siehe 2015)